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In order to support protected area planning and decision making, BIOPAMA is providing tools that respond to the specific requests in data collection, information management, protected area management effectiveness, governance assessments and others. As such, the programme in Eastern and Southern Africa has recently published a rapid inventory and analysis on the management effectiveness, governance and social assessments for protected and conserved areas.

This report aims to provide the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management (BIOPAMA) Programme and its partners with information about, where, when, and with what methodologies such assessments have been conducted in Eastern and Southern Africa, what lessons are being learned, and how these methodologies can best be used. The findings of the report reflect the importance of such assessments for enhancing conservation effectiveness, equity, and sustainability.

Findings from this report were presented at the BIOPAMA Regional Assessment Tool Workshop which took place in Livingstone, Zambia from 15th-17 October 2019. Its findings were used in the development of the agenda for this workshop and other upcoming capacity development opportunities supported by the BIOPAMA Programme. 

Read the full report: Management Effectiveness, Governance, and Social Assessments of Protected and Conserved Areas in Eastern and Southern Africa

Read the executive summary of the report

IMET workshop Kisite April 2019