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The second in our series of webinars was held on Wednesday 13th March. This webinar looked at creating content and indicators on the BIOPAMA Reference Information System. 

Other webinars coming up in our series include on:

  • Financing and resourcing protected areas;
  • More advanced features of the Reference Information System;
  • Management effectiveness tools;
  • Understanding governance and equity and
  • Introduction to the BIOPAMA Regional Resource Hub

Dates and more details on the webinars will be shared soon.

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Please contact the BIOPAMA team if there are other webinars you would be interested in.

The first webinar was held on 20th February. It addressed the question of how to use the updated version of the BIOPAMA Reference Information System (RIS) to explore and discover data, to help users publish and document data and what documents are relevant and useful to share. Participants from across the globe joined the webinar. The recording is available for replay.