04 Feb 2016
29 Jun 2017
Since 2012, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (EC-JRC), have been implementing BIOPAMA (the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Programme) on behalf of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, with the financial support of the 10th European Development Fund.
02 May 2017
Developed by IUCN and JRC in the context of BIOPAMA and launched in 2015, the IMET (Integrated Management Effectiveness Tool) has been extensively endorsed by countries in West and Central Africa, as well as regional and international organizations operating in this region. Benin is the most recent country to validate the IMET as the tool for assessing protected areas management effectiveness, by integrating IMET/COMIT modules in the national universities’ curricula for training future protected area managers.
25 Apr 2017
The need to improve governance and regular maintenance of Caribbean protected areas led to the creation of the Caribbean Protected Areas Gateway, a free and open-access platform launched in 2016 so that researchers, academicians, government conservation agencies and nongovernmental organisations can share and access maps, data and inf
31 Mar 2017
The Bururi Forest Nature Reserve in Burundi was previously considered to be the link between heaven and earth. The ancient Burundians attached great importance to forest conservation, especially mountain forests. Several mountain forests were protected and used as a place of worship, while other forests served as a necropolis for Queen Mothers.
07 Mar 2017
News story
The Government of St. Lucia will be working to execute legal, regulatory, financial, policy and communications strategies and actions to formally adopt and implement the Saint Lucia’s Systems Plan for Protected Areas.